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About us

Why do we do what we do? Why did the people who joined a powerful team called Ukrainian System Innovations decide to make an effort in this area, and not in any other – where the path to success might be much easier and faster? Here is our answer:


A few years ago, the World Health Organization made a startling statement: road accidents in the world kill about 1.25 million people each year. If no urgent measures are taken, by 2030 the number of deaths on the roads will triple (to 3.6 million people a year). Unfortunately, Ukraine is one of the leaders in the world in terms of road deaths. Mortality rates in our country are 3-4 times higher than in European countries. For comparison: in Belgium there are 6.7 deaths per 100 thousand people per year, in Austria - 5.4, in France - 5.1, in Germany - 4.3, in Denmark - 3.5, while in Ukraine this figure is 13.5.


Is it possible to calmly look at these terrible figures and not try to do something to improve the situation - not "once", but now, today ?! The people who work in our company are true patriots of Ukraine, so they prefer to show their love for their homeland and its citizens not with loud slogans, but with hard concrete work for increasing safety on the state's roads, protect its inhabitants and save lives.


In 2017, when we started our activities, according to the National Police of Ukraine, 27,220 road accidents with victims were registered in the country. 3432 people died, almost 35 thousand were injured. At the same time, the vast majority of accidents occurred due to violations of traffic rules. According to statistics, most road accidents with serious consequences occur due to speeding (39%), inconvenience of pedestrian crossings (38%), violation of the rules of crossing the intersection (30%).


All these points are precisely the problems that the development of the company "Ukrainian System Innovations" is designed to overcome, such as, for example, complexes of photo and video recording of traffic offenses "Cascade", which are able to effectively control violations of traffic rules. The fact that our choice is correct, and the path we are following is really useful for people, proved in real life – in just three months of testing in the city of Odessa our system "Cascade" was recorded 76,220 violations of traffic rules. Ahead, we hope, is the widespread implementation of our developments aimed at ensuring the safety of citizens, saving them and reducing road deaths.


"Ukrainian System Innovations" is a young and powerful, sincerely motivated team that is constantly working hard not only to succeed, but also to a worthy and noble goal: saving people's lives. All employees of USI work in this field for many years, constantly increasing the experience and professionalism that lead to fruitful work. For a common future, for the sake of living in a safe, law-abiding and truly European Ukraine.

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